Where to Buy Fresh Seafood in Singapore?

Where to Buy Fresh Seafood in Singapore?

Seafood cravings are hard to ignore. The fresh and unique flavour of the ocean can make you wonder where to buy fresh seafood in Singapore. Fortunately, fresh seafood in Singapore is not hard to find. Whether you are looking for fresh fish and seafood au natural or with a mix of tangy flavours, this city will not let your cravings down.

In this article, we are going to take you through the places to buy good quality fresh seafood in Singapore so that you can relish the delicacies. Nevertheless, before moving forward we want you to know how seafood can benefit you in plenty of ways. Let’s have a look.

Most Notable Benefits of Seafood

Seafood is Filled with Nutrients -The biggest advantage of seafood is that it is filled with nutrients including vitamin B, A, B-complex. Some fishes including tuna are also filled with vitamin D.

It is Good for Your Brain – The omega-3s present in the seafood is good for giving you extra brain power. These help with brain growth in infants or children and boost cognitive function in aging women.

It is Also Good for Your Heart Health – Heart health is crucial for both men and women. The high protein content along with low saturated fat in seafood makes a good combination to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.

It Eases Joint Pain -If you are worried about early stiffness or aching in your joints, you should see where to buy seafood in Singapore to add ocean food to your diet.

It Can Maintain Eyesight – Again, the omega 3 content in the seafood is extremely good for your vision and percent vision decline. In addition, it also strengthens your night vision.

It is Also Good for Your Skin – Who doesn’t love nourished and youthful skin? The best part about seafood is that it acts as a natural moisturizer, reduces acne, and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

It Helps with Depression -The study has shown that omega 3 fatty acids lower the risk of depression as well as give you a more positive outlook on life.

With so many benefits in one go, here are some places where you can buy seafood in Singapore.

Where to Buy Seafood in Singapore?

Owing to the high demand for seafood and the obvious benefits, we have curated a list of the top three places in Singapore to buy seafood. Let’s have a look.

  1. Shinshoku

The first on our list has to be Shinshoku. The literal meaning of ShinsennaShoku in Japanese is ‘fresh food.’ It was founded for a simple reason to provide fresh, high-quality chilled and frozen seafood from Japan. Their head chef is an epicure who has extensive experience in sourcing the best products in Japan’s Toyosu market.

This exclusive store in Singapore is your go-to destination for buying quality fresh seafood. The products at the store are flown in on the same day to retain freshness and quality standards.

The store features a variety of seafood including aka yuniura, Kaneki rupanyuni, mahurihoyuni, higashizamauni, had uni, bara mini uni, omakeseuninurabi, and so forth. You can also find sea urchins, prawns, and crab, roe, and caviar in the same store.

You can also find meat including wagyu beef and pork. Besides this, you can get condiments and dressing, appetizers, fruits as well as dessert at one roof.

In addition to this, the ShisennaShoku features a home barbecue bundle set so that you can relish the seafood delicacies at the comfort of your home.

All of these products are carefully selected at houses from the Toyosu market and flown in fresh on the same day to retain the highest degree of freshness. Also, the store provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every product.

You can buy seafood from here as they deliver island-wide to your doorstep without compromising with the quality. Your products will easily stay fresh in the delivery bags for up to 2-3 hours.

All the seafood products at ShinsennaShoku are hand-picked by their trained and experienced packing crew- they ensure that your order arrives in pristine condition. The delivery personnel are also experienced in handling perishable products. No matter what you order, you can be assured that your order is well cared for at every step.

Further, to ensure that your food remains fresh, your products will be packaged into (paper bags/ plastic bags/ signature non-woven bags/ signature insulator bags) with ice packs.

  1. Salmon Sisters

Salmon sisters provide wild fish and provisions for superfoods from the sea. It celebrates the coastal heritage, wild places, and seafood through quality products and design.

The best part about this store is that you can find Wild fish boxes including sockeye salmon in portions and fillets. Furthermore, they also include pacific cod, pacific halibut, coho salmon, salmon and halibut, and smoked sockeye portion box.

In addition, you can also find a cookbook to curate the best and scrumptious recipes out of this super seafood.

  1. Wild Alaskan Company

If you are looking for sustainable seafood on your dinner plate, this place should be on your go. The expert personal fishmongers provide you with the best quality of seafood hand-picked especially for you.

They offer a monthly seafood membership that delivers wild-caught, sustainable seafood at your doorstep every month. All you have to do is pick your plan, wait for the delivery and cook effortlessly.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right seafood in Singapore is not as difficult as it seems. You have plenty of options to choose from as we mentioned our personal favourites. Whether you are looking for salmon or crab, you can find both along with others to cook delicious food.

Although all of these three are good-to-go options, we will recommend you buy seafood from ShinsennaShoku because of the premium quality seafood at their store. Also, they offer a lightning delivery which ensures that your food is safe with proper ice packs. So, stop Googling where to buy fresh seafood in Singapore and check their online store now and order the fresh seafood of your choice now.

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