Where to purchase fresh seafood online in Singapore?

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Where to purchase fresh seafood online in Singapore?

Singapore is home to many seafood businesses. These are both online and physical seafood shops. We are now in the era where technology has an upper hand and most people prefer making purchases online.

A lot can be done with just a click of a button instead of the old-fashioned way of physically making purchases. Nowadays instead of driving or walking to the store, you can easily shop at home in the comfort of your home.

I will provide some websites that you can buy fresh seafood online in Singapore. They provide a wide variety of foods that are nutritious and beneficial to our bodies.

1.    Shinshoku

This is one of the best seafood online stores in Singapore. You can either decide to buy the seafood in bundles or each as an item. The website is easy to navigate through.

Just like any other online store, you need to create an account, choose your preferred purchases, add to the cart, and then checkout.

Your food will then be delivered within the designated time. You can never go wrong with this reliable seafood online store. The prices are also subsidized to ensure you get the best.  You can add as many items as you wish to your cart to make your order.

The delivery is only based in Singapore, they don’t deal internationally. They accept a wide variety of payment gateway options like PayPal, credit cards, and much more.

2.    Dish the fish.

This is another ideal online market in Singapore that deals with a wide variety of seafood products from all over the world. You can either order online on Dishthefish or physically go to the shop to make your purchases.

On their website, you can find their menus, prices, and delivery options. They pride themselves on offering high-quality seafood that has been inspected carefully. Hence, be assured of safe and non-contaminated seafood.

Due to the fragile nature of seafood, some may not be available every day. A customer has to confirm beforehand the purchase they want to make.

If it is not available, then a substitute can be suggested. Otherwise, a refund or change of delivery dates may be prompted according to the customer’s preference.

In cases where a customer has a dispute concerning the freshness and quality of the meal, they are required to send an evidence photo as proof of the incident within 24hrs after purchase and the matter will be investigated fully.

3.    Tankfully fresh

It was founded by Sin Chwee Mini Mart. They dedicate their effort to provide optimal convenience and fresh seafood to your doorstep.

Their website is very detailed and quite easy to use. It is divided into different categories from shopping to food recipes. What more could you ask for?

You can purchase any of their seafood. Also, you can use the recipe menu to get guidance on how to cook the meal of your choice.

They offer delivery from S$8 and have a schedule for it. In the morning from 10am-3pm, afternoon (2pm-6pm), evening (6pm-10pm)


4.    9s Seafood.

You might be wondering what the company’s name means, right? Well, the name 9s stands for ‘nice’ – what they aim to bring you.

However, in this seafood online store, they do not accept walk-ins in their physical shop. First, a customer is required to order from the website and it will be delivered to their doorstep. Alternatively, one can decide to pick it up themselves directly at the store.

Some of the best sellers at 9s include an exotic range of seafood products such as; Hyogo Oyster (Sashimi Grade), Japanese Scallops, and Korean flower clams.

In addition to their seafood menu, they also sell other products like seasoning powders to spice up your dishes at affordable prices.

In addition, they have a list of ingredients that can be purchased alongside your seafood. Navigate across the website and you will find amazing ingredients to complete your dishes.


5.    Ah, Hua Kelong.

This is another ideal online seafood store with ready meals and live seafood to cater to all your food cravings. Unlike 9s Sea Food, you can drive by and dine in the restaurant. Alternatively, you can order from the comfort of your home and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

The menu consists of a variety of seafood from the wet market which is affordable. To dine in, you need to make a reservation before availing yourself. This gives them enough time to book a slot for you and prepare the meal requested in good time.

To order online, you will need to create an account. Then navigate across their options on the home page as you add your desired products to your shopping cart and checkout.


6.    Apollo Marine.

Apollo Marine is one of the most popular online seafood markets in Singapore. The self-pickup or delivery options for their customers make it convenient and favorable.

Their menu includes a variety of dishes from live seafood to fresh and even frozen options. Although they are closed every first Monday of every month for maintenance purposes, it is still a reliable store for all your desired seafood.

They offer quality assurance for their products adhering to protocols of food hygiene, promptness to prepare your order within minutes, and fast delivery in well-packed packaging and food trucks. This ensures the live seafood maintains its peak freshness when it is arriving at your doorstep.

First, you will need to create an account. Once you have added everything to the cart, click on the Pay Now option and it will prompt you to enter your preferred payment method. Your order will then be delivered to your doorstep depending on the time you place your order.


Singapore has a lot of seafood markets that offer almost every option you could ever imagine. With the present trend of digitization, a lot of businesses have moved to the online platform to cater to their customers who would like to shop in the comfort of their homes.

The ongoing pandemic has also led to more shoppers wanting to order from home due to movement restrictions not only in Singapore but all over the world hence embracing this new way of shopping and dining.

Make your seafood order online at the comfort of your home!

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