Where can you order fresh and affordable wagyu online in Singapore?

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Where can you order fresh and affordable wagyu online in Singapore?

Being able to place an order for selected products with the same confidence as when buying at the point of sale and, in addition, that it arrives at home is very satisfactory since it facilitates the day to day without having to travel.


Buying meat online, sometimes, generates a certain distrust, since many people believe that they are going to be deceived and sell pieces of poorer quality or in worse condition, than if they visit a point of sale. On the other hand, it has nothing to do with the online channel, but with the brand that is chosen, since there are meat companies with a lot of quality, environmental awareness, and very competitive prices in Singapore.


In an online purchase, whether of meat or other products, the producers do not risk it, since if the order arrives wrong, it is not repeated. In addition, they usually offer other advantages, for example, they add a product to test, etc.



Wagyu Beef is exclusive and very high-quality meat. The Japanese breed is particularly popular among connoisseurs and gourmets. The elaborate keeping and breeding of the animals is the basis for this luxurious meat. Kobe and Wagyu have a strong but very fine degree of marbling and a particularly delicate fat melt. This is what makes this meat so uniquely melting and so high quality.


Wagyu means “Japanese beef” and is called Tajima beef in Japan. This breed of cattle is the most expensive domestic cattle there is. Individual animals often cost $12,000 and more. There are three different races, with the black Wagyu (Japanese black) being the most commercially important. The difference between the well-known and famous Kobe and Wagyu cattle is purely geographical. Only cattle that were raised and slaughtered in the Japanese region of Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture are allowed to call themselves Kobe, but they belong to the same Tajima breed as other Wagyu cattle.


Wagyu or Kobe is a very traditional breed, as the animals hardly crossed with other breeds at that time. This is due to the fact that the animals used to be kept only as work animals. Their high value as a meat supplier was only discovered later. Today there are more crosses with other breeds, such as Angus. This is intended to enhance the meat quality of the crossed breed.



The cattle for the excellent beef can enjoy a very special rearing. They traditionally stand on straw and have about three times as much exercise as other animals. This also includes a pasture that you can freely use for at least 200 days a year. The animals have shelters for particularly hot days.


The feed also belongs to the special rearing. In addition to hay, silage, grass, and straw, the animals get grain, beets, and potatoes. Depending on the farm, this includes daily massages, classical music for relaxation, and spraying with beer or sake (rice schnapps). The breed is not treated with hormones or antibiotics. That makes the rearing of the cattle slower and more complex than others. This great effort is reflected in the quality of the meat, which you can enjoy when you buy excellent Wagyu Beef from SHIN SHOKU.



Good products are increasingly valued and it must be recognized that both wagyu and beef are highly regarded among meat lovers, especially ripened meats, which are so trendy.


Wagyu in Singapore is mainly bought by connoisseurs and gourmets. The animals are raised with special love and devotion and are subject to strict guidelines, with each Wagyu farmer having his recipe for success. However, these animals have about three times as much exercise as other breeds.


In addition, they are held twice to three times as long until they have reached their slaughter weight. The special housing conditions and the long rearing period are reflected in the particularly high meat quality of the animals. This is characterized by an excellent degree of marbling, which is particularly fine and well distributed. This is what makes this beef so melt-in-the-mouth and marzipan-like.



Wagyu beef is considered to be the best meat in the world. With its unique fat marbling, its incomparable slightly nutty taste, and delicate texture, it is a luxury product in demand all over the world. SHIN SHOKU can now proudly claim to be able to offer real Kobe Beef from pure-bred, Kobe-born, raised, and slaughtered Kobe beef.


Only castrated bulls and virgin cows are suitable for making Wagyu Beef. Their long-term and stress-free rearing on natural pastures contribute to the top quality of the meat. In general, the black Kobe cattle are of very strong stature. They are the most expensive cattle in the world.


SHIN SHOKU has added this most exclusive of all meat delicacies to its range. Freshly cut by hand, you will receive your steak delivered to your doorstep. So that you can prepare it correctly, we have put together tips for the grill and pan. With this precious meat, you give yourself a present!


When you buy Wagyu in Singapore from SHIN SHOKU, you are purchasing a very special meat product. Since the rearing and keeping are so incredibly complex, there are very few offers on the trading market. The mainly small herds of around 60 animals are also a factor that speaks for the exclusivity of this meat.


Gourmets and connoisseurs love this beef because of its marbling and the fat rim, which melts gently at body temperature. The exclusivity of the meat is also reflected in the price. That makes Wagyu beef a luxury that can be recommended for very special occasions in Singapore.



SHIN SHOKU offers you the meat of this exclusive breed of cattle as a highlight. You can buy different, high-quality cuts of Wagyu beef from us. Expand your steak menu, for example, with a juicy entrecôte or rib-eye steak from Wagyu. For very special menus we also offer the fillet, which is rightly considered the most tender fillet.


But you can also try out modern Wagyu creations with SHIN SHOKU. How about tartare or wafer-thin carpaccio slices? Our juicy wagyu beef is also ideal as a carpaccio. Try it out and delight your customers with the high-quality Wagyu beef cuts.


Buying meat is a matter of trust. SHIN SHOKU aims to offer you, the customer, a very diverse range of meats of very high quality.

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