Fresh seafood delivery services in Singapore

Fresh seafood delivery services in Singapore

Many of us may not go out to grocery stores to get our seafood supply now and choose to order online, but how is it that all of this seafood can get into our homes quickly and freshly?


If you weren’t considering getting a frozen seafood delivery along with your ready meals grocery deliveries to take or pick you up on the go, this might be a good time. Cost and access may seem like an obstacle to buying fresh seafood such as fish, crabs, shrimp, and oysters, but several online seafood vendors in Singapore offer quality seafood products at your doorstep for less than that you can consider


And there are many reasons to buy more seafood. Wild-caught seafood contains healthier protein and is more environmentally friendly than beef, chicken, pork, and other meats, most of which are farm-raised, injected with growth hormones, and subjected to other practices doubtful.


Fresh seafood delivery in Singapore” is not an oxymoron. A reliable fish market (or fish restaurant) with a constantly fresh supply of salmon, halibut, crab, shrimp, and seafood is a treasure, but not every city or neighborhood has one, and if you live far from the sea, things still are getting sharper. Ordering seafood online may not seem intuitive, but a variety of new members to the online seafood industry prove that fresh seafood delivery in Singapore may be the best way to bring affordable, fresh seafood to your home, especially if you are living far from the fished waters.


These seafood delivery companies, which can be ordered online, offer everything from high-quality salmon, jumbo shrimp, gulf shrimp, mussels (and mussel soup), oysters, Cape lobster, and crab legs to spices. Hard to find like monkfish and grouper, all flash-frozen, professionally packaged, and delivered right to your doorstep as a one-time order or recurring subscription. New players are looking for innovative ways to ensure freshness and responsibility and to support sustainable seafood. Many now provide detailed records of where the shellfish came from, when it was caught, how far it has traveled, and what types of fishing practices have been used.


The chain of custody is certified from the beginning and goes so far that each package is not only labeled with the type but also with the place where the fish was caught, how it was caught and the fishing authority responsible for its sustainability in the name of the fishing vessel. , if available. Except for a few species, most of the shellfish ordered ships online and arrived frozen or in some cases partially thawed. If that stops, be aware that much of the “fresh” seafood you buy from the grocery store has been frozen and thawed before being put on ice or wrapped in plastic, and frozen fish is just as good. is, if handled correctly, how fresh the fish is.


If you live by the sea, there’s probably nothing better than buying some fresh and delicious steaks from a local fish market or a trusted fishmonger, but for the millions without this luxury, these are some of the best fresh seafood delivery companies in Singapore. If you want to buy the best seafood online, Please choose SHIN SHOKU.



Getting the best of market cuisine is very simple. Being an online market, with SHIN SHOKU choosing your shopping cart is easy, fast, and very comfortable, you can do everything from home and we will send it to you in 24/48 hours.


On our website, you can find different categories that will help you find the products you are looking for, as well as subcategories in which you can focus your search more; such as pink veal, or prepared food. In addition, to make your shopping experience more than satisfactory, at SHIN SHOKU, we offer you a series of benefits to reward your purchases.



The seas that bathe our coasts nourish seafood markets throughout the country with fresh seafood. Their primary value is the origin of the product, that is why they support local fishermen. SHIN SHOKU experts select fresh seafood every day from local suppliers within the local DNA initiative, thus providing a guarantee of origin.


Thanks to their logistics service, this seafood arrives every day, with maximum freshness, to all SHIN SHOKU stores. In our SHIN SHOKU fish section, you also have an order-on-demand service, which makes the whole variety of seafood on the market available to you in less than 48 hours.


They deliver throughout Singapore and it is important to us that your order arrives at your home in the best conditions so that you can enjoy your seafood products and all their flavors with the delivery of high-end fresh fish.


They do have many years of experience in selling seafood at an affordable price and we are proud that hundreds of customers have already trusted our company online. Proud to allow you, at the same time, to become the best host during your parties and special events.


They put ourselves at your disposal so that you can buy seafood online at the best price, but not only. They care about the purchasing process to make it as convenient and quick as possible for you.



Buying from their site is your guarantee of buying the best seafood online. You can see that they have the best selection of fresh seafood of all kinds. You will find a large selection of crustaceans and mollusks of incomparable freshness. Order your fine Singaporian oysters and clams, of superior quality and at the best price.


They deliver the part of your choice that you select on our website. They will send your products to you in suitable packaging. So you will have all the pleasure of delighting your guests with all the freshness of our products straight from the Sea to your table.


Having no middleman, they can offer you the possibility of buying seafood at a lower price, while being of the irreproachable quality that the only fisherman can offer you.

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