Where to find seafood online in Singapore?

seafood online

Where to find seafood online in Singapore?

Consumption habits are in constant change since they are updated as society does. Some of the reasons that drive these variants are; the lack of time to go to the supermarket, the long distances that must be traveled, or simply because people want to spend more time on other activities, this is why it is becoming more and more common to shop online.

As a result of this transformation, the fish and seafood market has also adapted to the new reality, and more and more digital platforms are offering these products. The variety of species available is increasing, both fresh and processed, all with the aim of bringing the sea closer to consumers.

And now the question is, where can you find these healthy and fresh options from the sea?

If you want to buy seafood online in Singapore of the highest quality and fresh from Japan’s Toyosu market in our online seafood store you can do it and always at the best price. We are a company dedicated to the sale of fish and seafood directly from Japan both for hospitality professionals, large shopping centers, or the end-user.

We only work with first-class goods and when we are in Japan’s Toyosu market, that allows us to be present in the best Toyosu markets to be able to acquire the best possible products for all our clients.

If you are wondering how to buy seafood online in Singapore at Shinsen na shoku, we make it very easy for you, so we have an online ordering option that is enabled in which we have mentioned every information that you may require before placing your order on our seafood sales website. You can make the payment by PayPal, deposit it into an account, or with a credit or debit card.


At Shinsen na shoku, we offer you the best seafood at home at the best market price and always guarantee its maximum freshness, from the sea to your table. We put at your disposal a wide and varied range of possibilities.

From the classic seafood, fresh from the Toyosu market, a product that we recommend for its great taste and excellent quality. Apart from these crustaceans so in demand in every corner, we have other options such as Wagyu Beef, chosen by our team of experts, such as the Pork that will always arrive at your home in the best conditions.

If you want to know how much a kilo of shrimp costs in Shinsen na shoku you will find the best price and you can buy them live but we cook them perfectly in seawater, thus achieving a greater contrast of flavors in their meat between sweet and salty.

We also recommend our prawn & crab range from the estuary, unique seafood, either male or female, with a very powerful and penetrating flavor that you will never forget. Apart from this extensive offer, you have the possibility of acquiring very good seafood such as our section of oysters, roe, spider crabs, or cooked shrimp of excellent quality, or the best price in lobster.

And if this seems little to you, we have our seafood platter for two at home where you can prepare the seafood platter yourself and receive it comfortably at your home wherever you are, with Wagyu beef, crab pieces, clams, or red shrimp among other options. And a good seafood platter could not miss the grilled razor clams, a gourmet dish that we bring home alive so that you can enjoy them totally fresh and tasty.

And remember that only here can you find the best price for great-tasting scallops.


If you are thinking about fish at home, here on our website we offer you the best fish, a product highly appreciated throughout the world. Freshly extracted fish from the seas and estuaries of Japan like our incredible price per kilo of sea bass that is easily found on our coasts. A fish of great quality and incredible flavor that you can taste in very different recipes.

You also have, among other options, fish for sole, bonito, grouper, bream, monkfish, and an endless number of species that are caught daily and that arrive at the Toyosu fish market in Japan where we take care of buying them at auction, cleaning them and preparing them for that arrive at your kitchen in less than 24 hours.

The freshest fish in your kitchen in less than 24 hours. And what about the price of fresh hake that you find in our online store, a type of white fish with a tasty and intense flavor and that offers great nutrients for our body. Other very valid options that you find in our online seafood and fish store are salmon, salmon, or farmed sea bream.

You should know that not all farmed fish or farmed fish are the same since various factors come into play, such as their diet, their care, or their sacrifice. All the farmed fish that Shinsen na shoku offers you come from Japanese fish farms where the strictest quality controls confirm that they are the best that we can find in all of Asia.

So do not miss this great opportunity and decide to buy fish online of the highest quality and guarantee.


Shinshoku.sg is a company dedicated to the sale of fish and seafood online in Singapore, we enjoy a wide variety of products, being able to choose the best quality of fish and seafood to send to your home.

By the traditional method, you go to the fish market in your neighborhood and make your purchase of a fish that has been bought and stored for several days in the distribution chain, passing through various wholesalers and retailers until reaching the private customer. That is why we recommend buying seafood online to guarantee its freshness.

The product will always be kept in the ideal cold conditions, both in our facilities and in shipping, ensuring that the cold chain is not broken at any time. In this way, we guarantee the best seafood and fresh fish at home.

You know, The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the consumption of fish and shellfish 3 times a week, due to its high nutritional value of proteins, minerals, and vitamins such as A and D. In addition, it is also rich in Omega-3 acids, which helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

So, We invite you to visit our seafood section and you can enjoy the best seafood at the best price. You can order your seafood at home with the live or cooked product.

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