Order online and get delivered to your footstep

Order online

Order online and get delivered to your footstep

Before the pandemic, online orders for home delivery or take-away were marginal compared to restaurant drinks, although they represented a significant percentage of sales, especially in large cities.

Today, Covid-19 has changed the cards on the table. The seafood sector was hit hard by the health crisis and was forced to reorganize, to find alternative solutions to survive the closures imposed by the government to contain infections.

Seafood delivery and take-away sales have become the real protagonists of the new normal in just a few months, accounting for between 20 and 25% of online purchases of home-delivered products.

The pandemic has prompted many sellers to reconsider the importance of the digital application to their businesses and at the same time has increased the habit of people searching for, selecting, ordering, or booking their favorite seafood dishes online.

And while online seafood delivery offers are multiplying in large cities, small provinces are still struggling to seize the growth opportunities that this type of service can offer.

Some sellers argue that relying on seafood delivery platforms for home delivery is too expensive.

However, affiliation is not the only way to be found online and increase sales.

It is possible, in fact, to organize oneself in total autonomy thanks to an easy-to-implement tool that allows you to respond to the new needs of customers: the eCommerce website for seafood sellers.

Yes, you got it right: even the catering sector can equip itself with an eCommerce platform to offer consumers a highly competitive, high-quality service without having to pay commissions to third parties.

If you want to open the doors of your seafood or wagyu in the Singapore market online, while maintaining a direct and constant relationship with your customers, you just have to continue reading to understand how to do it and what are the advantages that an eCommerce can offer you.

The advantages of an eCommerce for seafood sellers

It may seem strange that a seafood seller sells its dishes online through an eCommerce site, but the Coronavirus has accelerated the adoption of digital, encouraging even older generations to engage with online stores.

More and more Singaporeans are shopping online, and not only for technological products or clothing but also for seafood or wagyu in Singapore.

Thanks to eCommerce you can guarantee excellent service to your customers who can easily consult the proposals online, or request home delivery in two clicks.

You may be wondering why to open a shop online when delivery and takeaway can also be done by taking reservations by phone.

Yet an eCommerce designed specifically for catering, in addition to saving you time and money, guaranteeing you an effective and fast service, can also offer you other advantages:

  1. Better organization. No staff member is forced to stop their work to answer the phone because the ordering process is completely automated and the customer chooses completely independently from the site, perhaps helped by a chatbot.
  2. Zero expectations for customers. Delivery times can be scheduled, this means that the customer can only select the time slot that you have set on the site.
  3. Ease and security of payment. The transaction takes place at the same time as the order is sent. In this way, current health and hygiene regulations are met, avoiding orders that are never collected and therefore not paid for.
  4. Cost reduction. There are no affiliations to pay or management costs to bear because the processes are automated.
  5. Increased visibility. You can have the best personnel in the world, but people need to know that and they need to be able to find you when they’re looking for a place that delivers home delivery in their area.
  6. Greater customer loyalty. Thanks to the insights and reports made available by the platform, you have the opportunity to retain your customers and encourage them to order more often.

Furthermore, the data generated by an eCommerce for seafood sellers will allow you to more accurately analyze the sales and performance of each seafood or wagyu proposed.

This makes it easier to make changes or simply identify which seafood or wagyu in Singapore generates the most sales.

What does it take to make a seafood seller eCommerce work?

At first, glance, integrating and managing an eCommerce platform within your site might seem complicated, but in reality, this is not the case at all.

In fact, the web agency to which you have entrusted the work takes care of the technical part. In addition to the creation of a well-designed, functional, intuitive, and responsive eCommerce (that is, also usable from smartphones and tablets), the agency will provide you with the knowledge you need to be able to manage your store in full autonomy.

Once you have created the platform and optimized it for good positioning on the main search engines, to give your seafood market greater visibility, you can start thinking about a communication strategy.

Most people interested in ordering takeaway, in fact, start searching the web. This is why it is important to have an online shop and a platform that allows both to place the order and to pay it.

Many of your customers are willing to pay for the convenience of having seafood directly at home in just a few clicks.

Why not provide him with a clear and inviting shop from which to order the desire of the moment?

In addition to responding to consumer needs, the digital shop for delivery must be developed taking into account the specificity of the service. In particular, it must take into account factors such as:

  • transport
  • the time needed to prepare and deliver the dish
  • the most suitable packaging to be transported and consumed
  • the profit margin of the dish

Not to be forgotten, in addition to the choice and description of the individual seafood to be included in the eCommerce, are the images. After all, you eat with your eyes first, right?

Presenting the different items on the shop with accurate, professional images taken with the right light is essential for eCommerce for seafood sellers to generate sales.

Finally, remember to use social networks to let people know that they can have their favorite seafood delivered to them at any time.

Promote your eCommerce through photos, stories, videos, or posts that entertain and inform customers and potential users about the initiatives and products available in your venue.

Why should a restaurant have an eCommerce?

The Covid-19 crisis has certainly changed the approach towards the network by Singaporean consumers, producers, and seafood sellers, rediscovering it as a place of sale and loyalty.

Faced with such a scenario, it is necessary to reinvent one’s business by embracing the digital change underway and exploiting all the opportunities offered.

Even after overcoming the health emergency, the delivery has all it takes to become a habit for consumers.

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