Aka Uni Yura is a special limited edition product that is only available through backorder. Once the order is placed, our dedicated team will contact you on the availability dates to confirm the order.

What makes the Aka Uni so rare is because this uni is available only for a short period of time, which is during the Japanese summers.

Sourced from Saga Prefecture.

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Taste Profile

Rich, flavourful, and creamy.

How to enjoy this

You can eat Uni straight out of the box. Uni is a very versatile dish. Eat it with Sushi Rice, Chirashi Don, or roll it with seaweed. You can even pair it with Foie Gras, Ikura, Wagyu Beef, Caviar, and many more!

Grade: Limited Edition

How to store

It can be consumed immediately.
To be kept in the chiller for up 4 days

Availability: Air-flown

Weight: 80g


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