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Chutoro is the premium cut of meat from the belly of the bluefin tuna. Chutoro has the perfect balance of meat to fat ratio.

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Toro is the fatty part of the maguro, and it’s the prime meat that comes from the belly of the fish. With toro, you also have the Otoro and the Chutoro.

“O” means big and “Chu” means medium in Japanese. Chutoro is found near the skin on the back and belly. Because it straddles both types of tuna, it provides both a meaty and a fatty texture for a real celebration in your mouth.

Taste Profile

Strong umami flavours with a buttery texture, leaving a sweet Tuna after taste

How to store

To be kept in the chiller for up to 2 days, of in the freezer for up to 1 week.


How to enjoy this

1. 1 day before consumption, take the Chutoro out from the freezer and gently clean it (with your hands) under tap water for 1-2 minutes.
2. Pat dry with a kitchen towel
3. Line a tray with a few layers of kitchen towels and place the Chutoro on top
4. Place more kitchen towels on top of the toro
5. Cling wrap the tray
6. Leave in the chiller for at least 12 hours
7. Chutoro is ready for consumption

*Please defrost the Chutoro in the chiller. Do not leave it out in the open to defrost.


Grade: Sashimi Grade

Availability: Ready stock available for delivery within 24 hours

Weight: 400g-500g



Additional information

Weight 0.5 g

Air-Flown Only

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